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Nerang Recordings

NRNG013 - 12" Vinyl [ Nørus & Dj Whipr Snipr - Sportsgoth ]

NRNG013 - 12" Vinyl [ Nørus & Dj Whipr Snipr - Sportsgoth ]

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Limited 12" vinyl copies of NRNG013 now available.


Nørus & Dj Whipr Snipr team up for the electro-tinged ‘Sporthsgoth’ this October on Nerang
Queensland based DJ/producer and label head Dj Whipr Snipr has been running Nerang Recordings since
2016, putting out music from the likes of Interplanetary Criminal, Subjoi, DJ Swagger, DJ Bowlcut, J.
Albert, Cassettes For Kids, and many more since its inception. Teaming up with Brazilian DJ/producer and
Gestalt Records alumni Nørus here, the duo air their first collaborative works on ‘Sportsgoth’, a hard-hitting
EP taking inspiration from Breaks, Electro, Techno and beyond.
Leading the A-side, ‘Something Better’ opens with deep, hypnotic pads and sharp drums alongside
modulating low end, while ‘Gravel Or Grovel’ sees the duo maintain the emotive electro atmosphere, with
flickering synth licks, dreamy pads, and rubbery bass laid across rough, staggering drums. On the flip, ‘1000
Forward 5000 Back’ brings a series of glitched-out FX and warped electronics before ‘Sportsgoth’, which
features Scotland’s Chordata, closes the releases with chopped up vocal samples, high octane leads, and
rattling drum machines.
Nørus & Dj Whipr Snipr ’Sporthsgoth’ drops in October on Nerang Recordings
01 Something Better
02 Gravel Or Grovel
03 1000 Forward 5000 Back
04 Sportsgoth ft. Chordata

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