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Nerang Recordings

NRNG011 - 12" Vinyl. [ Dj Swagger - Bass Hysteria ]

NRNG011 - 12" Vinyl. [ Dj Swagger - Bass Hysteria ]

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Limited 12" Copies of NRNG011 now available.


DJ Swagger returns to Nerang Recordings with ‘Bass Hysteria’ this January.
Following releases on E-Beamz, Natural Sciences, and Who’s Susan, the German-based DJ Swagger
returns to Nerang after appearing on the label’s ‘Freaky Friends Volume 1’ compilation earlier this year,
bringing yet another bout of high quality, high energy output to the table.
Merging influences from Dance Mania through to UK Garage, ‘Bass Hysteria’ sees the DJ Swagger at
the top of his game. ‘Atomic Fear’ galvanizes the pure energy of early DJ Funk, with air raid sirens and
glitched out hi-hats punctuated throughout, while ‘Drybones’ nods towards early dubstep and UK
flavours, with gurgling basslines and skippy drums bubbling throughout as occasional glimmers of
gorgeous synth work allow the listener to come up for air.
‘Trail of Destruction’ encapsulates golden age electro, with effected vocals, crisp percussion, and gritty
basslines coming together for a late night groover. ‘Noseblunt’ is a fast-paced whirlwind, aimed for
fog-filled dance floors, perfectly wrapping up the eleventh release on a label pushing diverse sounds
from artists around the world.
DJ Swagger ‘Bass Hysteria’ lands on Nerang Recordings in January 2021.

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