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NRNG005 - 12" Vinyl [ Hank Youngman / 214 ]

NRNG005 - 12" Vinyl [ Hank Youngman / 214 ]

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Limited 12" Copies of NRNG005 


Our fifth series we invite non other then Hank YM
Originating from Adelaide while performing and producing as half of the duo ‘Warren Raww’, Hank YM got his start by throwing a string of events in the well catered establishment ‘Sugar Nightclub’. While supporting and hosting the likes of Funkineven, Damiano Von Erkcert, Mark Grusane and Florist, ambition turned more towards production in 2017.

Taking inspiration from fellow Adelaide musicians such as Mic Mills, Arthur Miles and Freddie Norwood (Untzz Records), the focus in Hank’s sound has always been to create a unique experience, with sets flowing from roots percussion through to house and disco. First debuting with a strong release on Australian Label ‘Centre Source Records’, ‘Wabi-Sabi’ placed focus on percussion and lush chords inspired from Japanese aesthetic. Hank then released on UK imprint ‘Dansu-Discs’ that has been met with praise from all parts of the globe.

After completing a series of shows in UK/Europe late 2017 (under both alias’) and playing alongside some notable names such as DMX Krew and Asquith (Lobster records), Hank now settles back in the musical melting pot of Melbourne. With releases in the works for 2018 under the two projects, the future is promising for the young up and comer.

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